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College Profile

In the district of Khammam, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Kothagudem town occupies a unique place as headquarters of Singareni Collieries Company Limited spread over the four districts of Adilabad, Karimnagar, Khammam and Warangal. It also has an added importance on account of its being close to the famous Bhadrachala Sri Rama Kshetram dear to the people of the state. It abounds in lush greenery and great scenic beauty. Probably where the town stands today there was only a thick forest in the distant past and one feels tempted to indulge in imagining that perhaps Lord Sri Rama trod upon this ground during the Dandakaranya days of his exile.

Singareni Collieries Women’s Degree College is the brainchild of Sri B. N. Raman, IAS, the visionary leader who is instrumental in establishing this college. We can proudly say that it is doing its best to fulfill the aims and goals with which it is established. It was started in the International Year for Women i.e., in 1975 and dedicated to Smt. Sarojini Naidu. Though established with an intention to impart quality education to the wards of coal miners, the college subsequently extended its services to other civilians also. The college is affiliated to Kakatiya University with UGC recognition. It is situated in semi urban area and imparting quality education with social commitment. It is partly aided and partly funded by Singareni Collieries Educational Society. The Singareni Collieries Educational Society came in to existence in the year 1984. There are 16 schools, one Junior College, one Polytechnic and one Degree College under this society spread over four districts of coal belt area catering to the educational needs of Singareni employees’ children as well as the civilians. The college with its rich heritage of organizing seminars and workshops every year has numerous opportunities.

The teeming town that wears a look of affluence today with many industries, business organizations and academic institutions was a very different place once upon a time, very quiet with no signs of affluence though rich in its pristine scenic beauty. The poor unlettered tribals and backward communities most of whom worked in coal mines could not even dream of providing a good education to their children, especially their girl children. Singareni Collieries Company limited, the chief and almost the only provider of employment has a role to play in changing that situation for them thereby clearing the way for the town’s all-round development. A man of vision, awake to the pressing need to educate women for the development not just the town of Kothagudem but the entire coal belt had to come along to fulfill that role.

The college emblem a DOVE speaks of the heights of excellence that an educated woman can reach with knowledge and skills as her two wings. In addition to her traditional role of home-maker now she could play the role of Nation builder also and take her rightful position in the society and know how to enjoy the freedom and self-confidence that comes with the realization of her true potential.

The college with a hostel is a gift of love to the people of the coal belt as it is making possible for girls from other Singareni areas to come to study here. Rising above 10.25 kuntas of land in the heart of the town the college has spacious class rooms, well equipped laboratories, a large Indoor Air Conditioned Auditorium, the only one of its kind in the entire coal belt Region. It has an open-air auditorium with a beautiful green lawn in the center and colorful flowering plants bordering it on three sides and the stage on one side.