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"Service to man is service to God”

The word “Dharma” may be substituted word “God” if so desired. The first experimental camp was held in 1907 on the Brown Sea Island in /England by Lord Baden Powell. Guiding started in 1909 at Crystal palace Rally, and named as Rangers for the senior guides. In India Rangering started in 1918 and continued to live up to their name. Their programme emphasis service in the depending commitment to the values inherent in promise and law, developing responsible citizens, adults in the future. Angering provides them an opportunity to take up this responsibility with confidence through training in citizenship

Aims and objectives:

  1. To make guiding a way of life.
  2. To develop a chance to use leisure time in service to community.
  3. To give an opportunity to lead and to make decisions.
  4. To become an active and participating citizen.
  5. To emerge a practical person who has respect for herself and for others and their experiences.
  6. To promote and participate in the developmental activities pertaining to National priorities like National Integration, Population Education and adult literacy.
  7. To become a strategic leader, loves to grow with the group.
  8. To develop a positive attribute to undertake considerable risk for others, making the full use of Rangering skill

RANGERS 2015-16

RANGERS 2016-17