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Teaching Staff

Branch Name IFSC Code
Post Office Area SBHYOO20905

Sl.No Name of the Employee Qualifications Designation PAN SBH A/C No Photo
Aided Staff
1 Smt. S. Sailaja Jhansi M.A,M.Phil,(Ph.D) Principal AJBPJ4213G 52138793008
2 Smt. Ch.SaradaM.Com,M.Phil Lecturer in Commerce AMSPC1968P 52138803405
3 Smt.S.SreelathaM.Sc,B.Ed,M.Phil,(Ph.D) Lecturer in Mathematics BPMPS8735L 62054447319
4 Smt.G.Manjula M.A,M.Phil,(Ph.D) Lecturer in English AOKPG8438C 62054447320
5 Smt. G.SailajaM.Sc,M.Phil,(Ph.D) Lecturer in Chemistry ANAPG9811C 62324701780
6 Dr. B. Kumara Swamy M.A,M.Phil,Ph.D Lecturer in History AGNPB0018Q 62279163240
Un-Aided Staff
7Smt. V. Usha RaniM.Sc Lecturer in Electronics AASPV8021A 52138795776
8Smt. A. DevakiM.C.A,(Ph.D) Lecturer in Computer Science ARUPA8604P 52138803596
9Smt. K. SrilathaM.Sc,B.Ed Lecturer in Chemistry BMUPK6056K 52138812614
10Dr. K. Savithri M.P.Ed,M.Phil,Ph.D Lecturer in Physical Education
Staff on Contract Basis
11Ms. Nasreen Begum M.A,M.Ed,M.Sc(Psy),(Ph.D) Lecturer in English BRXPM4507R 62023569876
12Ms.K.Asha JyothiM.A,B.Ed Lecturer in English BUTPK4543A 62240796902
13Ms. P. Swapna M.A. Lecturer in Telugu BOCPP9433F 62196384922
14Ms. M. Padmanjali M.A. Lecturer in Sanskrit CAOPM6057P 62242688680
15Ms. G. Vijaya M.Tech,(Ph.d) Lecturer in Computer Science AOZPV6979G 62196384069
16Ms. P. Vishalini M.C.A, M.Tech Lecturer in Computer Science BJLPP6187J 62195482772
17Ms. K. Radhika M.C.A,M.Tech. Lecturer in Computer Science CJGPK1153B 52138812580
18Ms. K. Swaroopa Rani M.C.A,M.Tech Lecturer in Computer Science CJGPK1152A 62008528792
19Ms. Ch. VimalaM.C.A. Lecturer in Computer Science ATWPC0377R 62196384423
20Ms. P. Pushpalatha M.Sc,B.Ed Lecturer in Mathematics BVDPP3274Q 62136078541
21Ms. P. Naga Santoshi M.Sc,B.Ed, (Ph.D) Lecturer in Mathematics BBSPK1889F 62242569071
22Ms. P. SuneetaM.Sc,(Ph.D) Lecturer in Physics BTUPP0860R 52138767238
23Ms. G. Sunitha M.Sc,B.Ed Lecturer in Physics BCTPG4428E 62196385290
24Ms. S. MadhaviM.Sc Lecturer in Chemistry DYFPS2780M 62136077955
25Ms. M. Pushpalatha M.Sc, B.Ed Lecturer in Botany BLUPM1368P 62092536496
26Ms. B. Saroja M.Sc, B.Ed Lecturer in Botany BIAPB9510P 62195844406
27Ms. Ch. SumalathaM.Sc Lecturer in Botany ATZPC3945L 62135557161
28Ms. K. Rajyalakshmi M.Sc, B.Ed, (Ph.D) Lecturer in Botany DLYPK6195J 62304921992
29Ms. K. Swarnalatha M.Sc Lecturer in Zoology CKBPK9676D 62195482669
30Ms. Shaheda Parveen M.Sc Lecturer in Zoology AUPPP2374M 62099524053
31Ms. Ch. Pavani M.Sc. Lecturer in Bio-Technology ATSPC3671Q 62065567393
32Ms. B. Jhansi Rani M.Sc.,B.Ed, (Ph.D) Lecturer in Statistics APCPB4795E 62031988015
33Ms. V. RajaniM.Com. Lecturer in Commerce AWFPV2588R 62194569722
34Ms. SVS ManikyambaM.Com Lecturer in Commerce DLMPS8942B 62195482841
35Ms. R. Krishnaveni M.Com Lecturer in Commerce BFXPR0788H 62197851783
36Ms. B.V.L.N. Ratnamala M.Com Lecturer in Commerce BANPB4752L 62423872539
37Ms. Sk. Safia Begum M.A., B.Ed Lecturer in Economics DYFPS2778B 62136079282
38Ms. G. Sunitha M.A., B.Ed Lecturer in Political Science ALHPT8789K 62242689060
39Ms. E.Kalyani Kumari M.L.I.Sc Librarian CWPPP1139Q 62428677180
40Ms. Shaheen LayaqM.Sc(IT),M.Tech, M.Phil Lecturer in Computer Science ALMPL6744M 62084039982
41Ms.P.Aripitha M.Com Lecturer in Commerce CTEPP3037R 62437885350